Pre Owned Desktops

HP DC7700 C2D 2.4, 2GB, DVDCD, 160, WIN7 PRO

DELL SFF I3 2120 (3.3), 4GB, 120SSD, 7PR

HP 8000 E8500 USF 4GB, DVDRW, 250GB, WIN 7 PRO

HP DC7800 C2D6550, 2GB, DVDCD, 80GB, WIN 7 PRO

HP PRO 6000 C2DE8500, 4GB, DVD, 250GB, WIN 7 PRO

LENOVO M58P MT E8400, 4GB, 160-250GB, 7PRO

LENOVO M58P C2D7500, 4GB, 250GB, 7PRO

LENOVO Quad Core I5 3470/3.2GHZ, 8GB
New 120 SSD, Windows 7 or 10 Pro


LENOVO Quad Core I5 4570/3.2GHZ, 16GB
New 120 SSD, Windows 7 or 10 Pro


LENOVO Thincentre Quad Core I7 4770, 3.4GHz, 8GB
New 250GB SSD, Windows 7 or 10 Pro


Due to Covid-19, we are working to help our new clients and existing clients to transition to working from home. We have mobile apps that let your office phone ring on your smart phone so customers can reach you. These features can be setup in a few minutes even if your phone service is not with us now. Our office is not open as usual so please call before coming to the office. We are now selling Surgical and KN95 masks. Please call or email for details.